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08:30pm 30/01/2009

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12:56pm 09/05/2007
mood: determined
I have come to the conclusion that I should stop writing my journal entries the way I have been lately. They used to be so much more...thoughful and in with the quirk. Not just lists of what was going wrong in my life and the highlights of my day. Well, lately, I have been doing highlights with obvious importance and meaning. 

- reducing my schedule 
- going on some adventure 
- whatever 

but I used to write about meaningless things and give them meaning and importance by spending so much time describing them. I kind of miss that. My journal turned all bland. I took a few peeks at some of my sort of recently written journals and it was chocolate-vanilla-strawberry. There was nothing there. Here I was, holding onto over 50 notebooks, and Christ, most of them were full of shit and doodles. 

Not even good doodles. 

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